Exhibition by Teresa Esteban

“Stone Waterfall”


From June 4 to July 4, 2020


Teresa Esteban has developed her work as a direct dialogue between architecture and sculpture. Cities like Berlin, Arab architecture or the ruins of the abandoned island of Hashima have served as inspiration for her work. The passage of the human being through the world, the way in which space is transformed, is reflected in the sculptures of Teresa Esteban.

In this exhibition, Teresa invites us to walk through a landscape of quarries, where the rock has been intervened by water and man, and where the liquid meets the solid. In the words of the artist ,“These sculptures inspired by quarry landscapes, discover the paradox between stone as a solid element that overflows and recreates as in a waterfall, sometimes the stone itself being the waterfall, and sometimes emerging imaginary as an iceberg of gray and blue ice glistening from the sea water. “

An exhibition that will include sculptures, reliefs and drawings, which complement each other, so that, as usual in its exhibitions, the visitor is immersed in the panorama, thus allowing them to reflect on it and contribute their own experience to the “walk through the quarry”.

Teresa Esteban was born in Madrid and from the beginning of her studies in Fine Arts, she knew that her career would be oriented to sculpture, a discipline for which she obtained her doctorate in 1992 at the Complutense University of Madrid. The artist has been holding individual exhibitions since 1995, in addition to participating in group exhibitions. Her work has been recognized with many awards inside and outside of Spain.