Arc in Spring


On Friday, January 31, the exhibition opens at 7:30 p.m. Collective Exhibition

The exhibition will collect the works of Anna Moya, Borja Barrajón, Pedro Quesada and Pablo Redondo = Odnoder, giving rise to an exhibition where technique is the protagonist.

Anna Moya is more closely linked to painting and drawing and her creations are always accompanied by research into new materials and techniques, creating a very personal work process closely linked to innovation. In her work we find resounding compositions with a delicate and elegant chromaticism, accompanied by a 3,500ration that causes the image to transcend, connecting physical and metaphorical space.

Borja Barrajón masters an abstract language, which seeks dialogue with the very materials on which the work is based, usually marble or alabaster. The work invites us to appreciate the very existence of each piece: its interaction with the environment, with the light; its forms, the empty spaces in it or the reason for its presence.

Pedro Quesada, for his part, reflects on childhood, adolescence and old age through his reliefs and sculptures. His realistic works make their way through wood, clay or resin, to reach the viewer as a pure vision of those stages of life in which we are most vulnerable.

Pablo Redondo Díez = Odnoder, continues his creation process based on the exchange that occurs between inspiration and the nature of the work material. Each wood is different, and wants to communicate something unique, and it is through the interaction with the artist that it shows us the mystery of its interior, the final form.