Juan Ramón Martín

Architect by the Polytechnic University of Madrid.
Professor of drawing and design at the CEU San Pablo University Foundation since 1987.

The wind, the number, the slow speed of the mineral, the slight sound of the roots sinking under our feet, a scent that reaches from afar, the sound of the crickets that organizes and gives dimension to the space at night. The visual field that surrounds us enjoys a certain blurriness. There are vibrations in our environment that accuse certain presences. They are of another order (not visual). Vibrations that we perceive and that come to complete our reality. If we are attentive, we will be able to reveal those drives that are not fantastic or illusory (…)

Man finds himself in a real space – a physical space: the street, the garden, the cave – in the present in which he has lived and from which he can never leave; on the other side is the other space, in which it is not and will never be(the French poet Jouve said: “Man is where he is not”). And he wants to be there, where he is not; they are places that he senses and wishes; he perceives them from his atavistic memory. . When he reaches him, the space he was in will no longer belong to him and the other will be the desired space. Man walks through the labyrinths of his life and seeks new paths, takes different directions in a permanent search, sometimes pretended, sometimes casual. Along the way he develops his life (…)