Hugo Wirz

Like raindrops that nourish the earth, extraterrestrial “drops” fertilize star systems and planets that mix with residues that are found and develop new forms (what is called evolution).

We are part of this whole process and we exchange with it while we act.

Many of Wirz’s works are residues of his dreams, images that he wants to take from an unconscious (absolutely individual) place to make them visible, to seek an explanation for the perhaps inexplicable.

These ideas have grown little by little while he has traveled daily for three months on the same road, discovering small spots on the sidewalks under some trees. Each time when looking at them, he discovered that they were changing, perhaps due to temperature, humidity or other factors.

Even today he has not been able to discover where those drops came from. They were not bird poop, nor did they come from cutting branches that bled. Drawings blossomed from the concrete paving stones, some days more marked, other days softer. Surely there is some explanation for this phenomenon, but the most important thing for Wirz is to discover the beauty of these natural drawings.