Diego Canogar

Diego Canogar, always true to himself, investigates the virtual essence of the surfaces that define objects. A wall can have many textures, if a box is drawn schematically, what texture will the viewer assign to it? Because he likes to draw in three dimensions with metal tubes, sheets and rods that he welds, twists, bends and welds to build the pieces of his microcosm.

Geometry and nature are an inexhaustible vein of timeless schemes to represent. Spheres and cubes on one side and on the other, rocks, sea waves, algae and bubbles, in different configurations are perhaps my most recurring themes, looking for the way to capture them in the simplest way possible using iron almost always. I give absolute prominence to the air that surrounds and circulates through the volumes and the relationship of the real or simulated empty space, inside and outside the piece. Sculptures that are like drawings or brush strokes in three dimensions, that need a good contrast with the background wall that acts as a huge sheet of paper.

I am passionate about showing the inside and the outside at the same time. Change the scale, look at tiny objects and discover how they are formed. Maintain the curiosity of a child and the rigor of an engineer, because it is not just enough to think what you want to do, the other half of the fun is figuring out how to do it.

Sometimes Diego adds light as an active element in his pieces, but in most cases, metal defines the contours that light caresses and shadows enrich.