Czili  Cecilia Liao’s stage name. She was born in Keelung, Taiwan in 1964. She moved to Spain in 1982,graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid, and specializing in Sculpture. Also study in the EFTI School of Image and the KROOM Fashion Research Center. She currently works as a multidisciplinary artist, she is a member of the MTG and ADOS Association. She is also the cultural manager of several international projects between Taiwan and Spain.

Considering my origin from an ancient culture, I continue to understand and learn from the other cultures. I continually glance at the ancestor of my past as a way of perceiving my own current existence, and projecting my reflections on my next ones & nbsp; expressions of works.

All my work need to be learnt, to be known, to be created, and all are origined from the form of “games”. I think of them as free expressions of my thinking and at the same time conscious acts of commitment to the multicultural world I live in. “Ritual games”, where I can integrate my thoughts of East and West, body and soul connected through a light ceremony, as a real and virtual element, which is about “my meditated self”, in a physical identity of the object contemplated and the mental connection with the inner world.

My creative process develops in this way, through an introspection of the ideals in which the positive form and the negative emptiness enter the game of the stage in which I maintain a dialogue.