Cesar Orrico

Associate Professor at European University of Madrid, Spain.
Master of Arts, Art, Creation and Research, MAC + I, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain.
Bachelor of Fine Arts with honors at the National Degree Award, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain.

The thematic axis of my work finds in sculpture, an instrument capable of materializing sensuality in artistic expression through a personal interpretation of anatomy. The depth that is generated around this detailed study comes from a special interest in the anatomical proportion and the representation of the human body in the medico-artistic treatises of the 16th and 17th centuries. A fundamental knowledge for my work process, which composes a conceptualization of the work supported by the reinterpretation of the classical canons in the sculptural form.

The search for synthesis in the human figure acts as a constant in my work, where the concept of beauty folds in on itself to give way to the inner impulse of form. In essence, my work produces a fusion of different materials that spontaneously converge in the figure, where the mixture between coldness and warmth creates the strength of each representation.